For some eateries, it’s not enough to have good food and a reasonably attractive decor. They instead use odd gimmicks to attract drinkers and diners. While some of these places do look like a great deal of fun, others might encourage you to lose your lunch.


The Beer Spa, Prague, Czech Republic, where guest are sitting in barley, hops and yeast, while drinking unlimited beer

Opaque, Los Angeles, California, a restaurant when you dine in the dark, served by visually impaired people

The prison-themed Lock-up in Tokyo, Japan

The Modern Toilet Restaurant, when foods are served in tiny toilet bowls

A H.R. Giger-themed bar in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland and in Chur, Switzerland

Food rollercoasters instead of waiters in ‘s Baggers, Nüremberg, Germany

The Clinic, a hospital-themed bar in Singapore, in business between 2008 and 2011

Tian Waike (or just Robot) Restaurant in Kunshan, China, with robot chefs and waiters

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand

The Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong, with a robotic waiter

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