Some Of Spider-Man's Newest Classmates Have Just Been Revealed

Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War (Image: Disney)

It’s been a big week for the Webslinger. Actor Tom Holland revealed that the next Spider-Man movie will be called Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michael Keaton is rumored to play the Vulture, and now two classmates are joining the team.

Deadline reports Tony Revolori, who starred in The Grand Budapest Hotel, has been cast in the 2017 film as a nemesis at school, but not a supervillain. Then The Wrap reports actress Laura Harrier (from One Life to Live) is joining the cast in a “significant role.” They’re joining Zendaya, who previously joined the cast.

Revolori and Harrier (Images: Fox Searchlight and Twitter)

In a week that hasn’t been the best when it comes to race in Hollywood, the casting of these actors is certainly a nice way finish a Friday.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts, opens July 7, 2017.

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