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Here's some good news for fans of the beleaguered Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Friday's ratings saw a reversal of fortunes that took everyone by surprise... and may be a good sign for the future.


Amazingly, Terminator's last episode, "Today is the Day Part 1," saw a 20% bump in audience size to 3.5 million viewers on Friday (Dollhouse also rose, 7%); while some expected a rise following last week's appalling numbers - which we suspected had more to do with Watchmen's premiere than the show itself - a 20% rise is more than was expected, and in addition to the 30% audience bump the show gains from DVR viewers, enough to make the argument that the show's audience may be larger if it was given a different timeslot.


The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibbard is playing it cool, however:

It's too early to read too much into this. After four weeks of gradual but steady decline, hopefully the gain means both shows have at least found their midseason bottoms... On the other hand, it could be a one-time surge too. We'll see.

'Dollhouse' & 'Terminator' improve for first time [THR Live Feed]

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