The Internet offers lots of opportunities for authors to connect with readers—but it can still be hard for an author to get noticed among the crowd of other aspiring scribes. So 10 authors, who include some bestsellers, have created their own platform.

The authors, who include Jay Allan (the Far Stars trilogy), Samuel Peralta (The Future Chronicles), Nick Webb (the Legacy Fleet trilogy) and Joshua Dalzelle (the Omega Force series), have launched their own site called The goal, Webb writes, is “rising above the noise.” Webb explains further:

You’ve probably seen the slew of book promotion websites and mailing lists out there. We are not a book promotion website. We are not just a mailing list. We are authors, connecting with you, the reader. We’re going to bring you not only the best deals when our books launch, not only price promotions you won’t find anywhere else, but sneak peaks and inside looks, and direct access to the inner thoughts of some of today’s bestselling science fiction authors. Not to mention amazing monthly contests for stuff you won’t find on any other site.


These are authors who seem to have had a lot of success on Amazon, so it’s interesting to see them trying to create their own channel for connecting with readers and selling books (via “price promotions,” etc.) to them. The site just launched, so it’ll be interesting to see how it develops.

Top image: Call to Arms by Joshua Dalzelle

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