The Lonely Astronaut Photoshoot

If I had a space suit, I'd wear it everywhere. Commuting on the bus, out to bars, hiking in the mountains, lecturing my students. I don't even care that it's heavy and difficult to move around in; I've been uncomfortable for fashion before. Photographer Ken Hermann is on the same wavelength, with the added insight that living in your own private ecosystem puts you in a world apart.

Some astronauts have a hard time adjusting to life back on Earth

After the glory and wonder of living in space, how do you get used to a life on Earth again? It can be hard to get used to an Earthbound existence again, as photographer Ken Hermann proves with his photo series "Crash Landed," showing an astronaut who just can't bear to take the suit off.

The "Crash Landed" series was shortlisted for the Graphis annual photography awards in 2013, and has already been featured in a few design and photography sites. Check out some of Hermann's beautifully shot lonely astronaut photos below, and see more at his Facebook page and his website.