Solaris Books announced back in March that its owner, Games Workshop, was putting it up for sale. And last week, the science-fiction imprint found a buyer: games developer Rebellion, which already publishes the fantasy imprint Abaddon Books. This is great news, which we must have missed due to the Labor Day weekend. Solaris puts out the acclaimed Solaris Book Of Science Fiction, edited by George Mann, as well as some brilliant novels by Keith Brooke and Emily Gee. (We loved Brooke's trippy cyber-afterlife novel The Accord.) The sale means that Solaris can keep putting out thought-provoking novels and anthologies. Writes Jetse de Vries, editor of Solaris' forthcoming Shine Anthology:

This is fantastic news: when it was announced - earlier this year - that the Games Workshop were putting Solaris Books up for sale, I was far from happy. While I was assures that, with regards to the Shine anthology, things were ‘business as usual', it would also have meant that Shine would be one of the very last releases of Solaris if they didn't find a buyer.

Now, however, the future for Solaris Books looks assured (at least for the foreseeable future), the distribution deal with Simon & Schuster remains intact (good distribution is of immense importancy), meaning things look up for the Shine anthology, as well.


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