"Sodomized Electrons" Flatten Cows, Celebs Warn

"Wild electricity" from particle accelerators is leaving Sri Lankan teenagers just eight inches tall, British celebrities warn in this awesome clip from British satire show Brasseye. To demonstrate the effects of this fake science, playwright (and James Bond villain) Steven Berkoff takes a hammer to a bunch of figurines while shouting "This could be your mother!" Long before Ali G, Brasseye was fooling celebrities into endorsing bizarre campaigns, including one against a fictional drug called "cake." But the show's best episode was its exploration of bizarre made-up science. Click through for another clip.

That poor woman, growing dozens of testicles on her back for six months. Do we need any more proof that science has gone too far? If so, there's a whole segment about irresponsible scientists who experiment with time, making one unfortunate woman's clock vomit. And then they blow up an entire fortnight. Nobody knows what was supposed to have happened during those two weeks, and we'll never get them back.


What's hilarious is that one of the supposedly crazy examples of over-the-top science in the episode, the vertical farm, is now being considered for reals.

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Ahh a truly amazing program, so much that my other online handle is "Shatner's Bassoon" an area within your brain that defines time perception which can be affected by so called 'Made up drugs' such as 'Cake'; a Visterbile Amphetamoid from Prague. Pure genius.