Soar through the largest canyon in the solar system

At 10 km deep and over 4000 km long, Valles Marineris is not only the largest canyon on Mars, its the biggest in our entire solar neighborhood. Here, thanks to data collected by ESA's Mars Express, is your chance to get an up-close view of this craggy Martian scar.


Via ESA:

The movie focuses on an enclosed 8 km-deep trough in the northern most part of Valles Marineris, called Hebes Chasma.

The movie glides over impact craters pockmarking the plains separating the troughs, down cliff faces scarred by landslides, and along the rough valley floor.

In some parts of the valley Mars Express has detected water-bearing minerals, suggesting that significant quantities of water may have once flowed here.

The formation of Hebes Chasma is likely connected to the nearby volcanic Tharsis region, home to the planet’s vast Olympus Mons volcano.


More stunning videos of Mars by Express and other spacecraft available here and here.



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would the bottom of this canyon be a good place to search for life?