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Could a dance troupe launched by So You Think You Can Dance be the superhero webseries we've all been waiting for? Maybe — the Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers' trailer sure looks impressive.


The LXD, who are braving the wrath of Alan Moore with their colorful name, performed on SYTYCD a while back, and it was pretty impressive. But even before they appeared on SYTYCD, they were already working on launching a new webseries about their superheroic exploits. We wrote to creator Jon M. Chu, and a PR rep wrote back. Here's what she told us:

Thanks for your interest in THE LXD. The launch of the series is set for early July on a major online entertainment platform. The series tells the story of superheroes extending their powers through dance, some fighting for good, others for evil. The episodes cinematically feature different styles and themes, while embracing multiple genres of storytelling – film noir, action, western, horror, comedy, romance, and fantasy – as each hero chooses a path to fulfill his destiny.


Here's the new trailer. What do you think?

LXD "Moments" Trailer from Jon M. Chu on Vimeo.

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