So, why couldn't R2D2 speak English, anyway?

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R2D2 was a droid with incredible resources for data storage, navigation, and even defense, but no one ever bothered to install translation capabilities. After looking at some of the amazing footage of the user interfaces designed for the starships in Star Wars, a question came up: Why not?


If it's so easy to make a robot who knows 8 million languages (made from junk by a kid, so a chip with even just one language must be insanely cheap), why not give all robots a voice chip? I'd rather have a co-pilot that tells me to dodge that incoming missile, instead of "BLEEP BLOOP BLEEP".


I'm sure I once read an explanation for the Bleep Bloop Bleep. I think it was machine language, capable of carrying extremely complicated (but limited to situational) data. It's like the whole Dialup Tone thing.


Because not all Droids may be intrinsically compatible with all starships, as such, they can't all just "Jack in".

However, a UI could solve that problem; if it was designed for a humanoid to read and the Droid was designed to interpret humanoid structures, they could read the UI and make sense of it.


So, what do you think? Should R2D2 have had a voice? Was he more useful without one? Or should we just put it down to the internal logic that binds R2D2 to C3P0 and leave it alone? Give us your take in the comments.

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Poorly thought out universe design, perhaps?

Kind of like how light sabers don't have wrist straps?