You Won't Believe Where the Ant-Man End Credits Scene Comes From

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Marvel’s next movie, Ant-Man, has two end credits scenes. Both tease expansions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but of the two, one of them comes from a very different and seemingly unlikely source—which we’ll tell you without getting into any spoilers.


Ant-Man ends, the credits roll, and there’s a first credits scene. Then the credits conclude and there’s one more. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explained how he got the idea for the scene.

And here’s where minor spoilers come into play. We won’t describe what happens, but just knowing where the footage comes from is highly suggestive. Spoilers follow.

Here’s what Feige said to io9:

I was watching Civil War dailies and said, ‘Whoa, that could be the tag.’

And now it is. Yes, the second tag to Ant-Man is footage, shot by the Russo Brothers, from Captain America: Civil War. That film, scheduled for release in May 2016, stars not just Captain America, but pretty much every single other character in the Avengers, including Ant-Man. It’s been shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, for a few months, hence the footage being available.

Director Peyton Reed told us that decision came up pretty late in the game. Originally, they were planning a second tag that was more comical, but when Feige came up with the idea, he knew it was the right one.

One last Civil War tease: Recently Mark Ruffalo said Robert Downey Jr. told him he was in the film, which was news to the rest of the world. Feige said this to us about that:

[Hulk] is not a primary part of Civil War. He may not be a part at all.

We’ll learn more on July 17.




So why can’t the end credit scenes be about the accual movie and not being a lazy advert for another?

I felt the same about Age of Ultron’s end credit scenes as well which not only had absolutely nothing to do with the film, but undermined the movie’s villain by saying “Hey, he was a crap villain, I’m a real villain”.

I don’t like the idea that these movie can’t hold on there own without needing to commercials for the others and I really hope Iron Man 2 & Age of Ultron’s let cram as much teaser matarial as possible while hurting the story approach doesn’t become the norm.