So Who Is the Mysterious Clawed Mutant Marvel Is Teasing in X-Men: Blue?

Image: Marvel Comics. Art by Arthur Adams.

Sadly, it’s probably not Wild Thing.

Today’s Marvel solicits didn’t just give us a new look at Doctor Octopus’ return to Amazing Spider-Man. We also have one hell of a tease for something to come in one of the new X-Men comics, X-Men: Blue—one that Marvel is very much wanting you to think involves a potential return for Wolverine to the Marvel comicsverse.


Yes, while there’s Laura Kinney as the All-New Wolverine running around, and even Old Man Logan in the X-Books, the “original” Logan has been absent since he died in 2014's Death of Wolverine story arc, encased in a draping of Adamantium after his healing factor gave out for good. But the two newly revealed covers for X-Men: Blue’s fifth and sixth issues both feature a blurred out mysterious clawed character with the young X-Team, now lead by Jean Grey.

X-Men: Blue #6 cover art by Arthur Adams.

The intent here is clear—the pixellation strong enough to obscure the identity, but not quite strong enough to hide the fact that it’s a character with Wolverine-style retractable claws. Given that Wolverine is resurgent within the public consciousness again thanks to Logan’s success, it’s easy to assume Marvel is not-so-subtly teasing a revival of one its most beloved fallen mutants.

But here’s the thing: Wolverine ain’t the only hero around in the Marvelverse with claws like that. Beyond the obvious ones like X-23, there’s Daken, Romulus, hell, even myriad other alternate-universe Wolverines that could be potential candidates. The solicitation for X-Men: Blue #5 even states that Ms. Sinister, the female clone of long time X-Men foe Mr. Sinister, is in the issue, and the Sinisters are well known for creating clones of other mutants. It could be a clone of the original Wolverine, or Old Man Logan, and nothing else.


But for now, we’ll have to wait and see what the issue cooks up. X-Men: Blue #5 is set to hit shelves in June.



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