So, What's Satan Been Up To Lately?

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Well, he's been modeling for this statue that's (hopefully) gonna be placed next to a Ten Commandments statue on the lawn in front of Oklahoma's state capitol, courtesy of those noted holiday-cheer-spreaders, the Satanic Temple. Vice has hella (sorry) more under-construction pics of the statue, right this way.


Elsewhere, Old Scratch has also been bumming out the Lake Worth, Florida mayor and city commissioners, who walked out of a meeting just prior to atheist Preston Smith's invocation that name-checked Mother Earth, Allah, Satan, Zeus, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Thor, as well as atheists and agnostics. (Watch the invocation below ... honestly, it's pretty stirring.)

The incident sparked a social media war involving Smith, Mayor Pam Triolo, and online commentors who took offense at the walkout, and inspired Chaz Stevens (whose Festivus pole made of beer cans will be sharing space with the Satanic Temple's seasonal display under the Florida state capitol's rotunda this year) to ask permission to give a full-on Satanic invocation before an upcoming meeting. "Everyone is welcome to sing along," Stevens noted in his request. "Or, as is the recent case when Miami atheist activist Preston Smith gave the invocation, like Elvis, they can leave the building."


Top image via Vice.

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Those statues are Baphomet, not Satan. They're just made by Satanists.