So, What Was Inside Paul Revere's Time Capsule?

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The "oldest time capsule in the US," buried in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, has been opened and its contents revealed.

The haul, stashed in 1795, contained "silver and copper coins dating from 1652 to 1855, a silver plaque, a copper medal depicting George Washington, newspapers, a paper impression of the Seal of the Commonwealth, calling or business cards, and the title page from the Massachusetts Colony Records," according to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


The Museum's Paper Conservation department will care for the objects, which will go on display before being re-buried at the State House. Presumably, they'll be dug up again in the year 2235 by robots who have no clue what "One if by land, two if by sea" means.

Photo via Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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Paul Revere and Samuel Adams buried the capsule in 1795, and it contains coins dated from 1652 to 1855?! They must have been TIME TRAVELERS!!!

Missing the fact that the capsule was dug up and reburied in 1855, which helps clear things up.