So What Did You Think Of Tonight's Dollhouse Episode?

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Joss Whedon's shocking mindwiping-brothel show Dollhouse came back tonight. You can read our review of the episode here. But what did you think of it?


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I'm really tired of the Dollhouse organization being totally incompetent. It seems like every single Doll is going off the rails and none of the people in charge seem to care. It really strains my ability to enjoy the show when it seems impossible for an organization this incompetent to have been created in the first place.

For instance why is Topher messing around with the doctor? Why doesn't he just wiper her mind and start over? Did I forget something from the last episode of the last season? Their lack of concern that not only is Echo remembering things but pretty much every other Doll is having issues is hard for me to swallow. Having a Doll that knows he or she is a Doll seems like a really bad idea, especially when there's already one of them out there killing your own people.

If they just showed the people running the Dollhouse as trying to fix the problems or at least acting on the problems it would be much easier for me to sit back and enjoy the show.