So Want We All

There are many, many reasons to wish that you'd worked on Sci Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica: -the critical kudos, the security of being involved in one of television's best SF shows ever, the possibility of being in the same room as Grace Park at some point - but the wrap party's special limited edition yearbook may be the prettiest reason of them all. Is it too much to ask that this tribute to the cast and crew of the show gets some kind of modified general release when the series reaches its conclusion next year?We mentioned the existence of this book in passing earlier this week, but it's worth taking a longer look at the hardcover gift to the people responsible for making Ron Moore cry, as he admitted in his introduction:

It was at Legendary Noodle, on Main Street, listening to [Moore's son] Robin's twenty-third question regarding the nuance of design between the Mark V and Mark II Vipers that I realized what I had done. Over seven days, the universe I imagined and the world which gave it life had merged in a way they had never done before, giving me to understand fully for the first time the true sweep of the show I had created both within the confines of the frame and without, and... It was all going to end. I picked up my takeout dinner, answered queries from my son about the reasons why the old Cylons had handguns and our Cylons had guns built into their arms and wouldn't that be weird to have guns back in your arms although they're robots and they probably can't feel that unless they do, so why would that be? on the way home. I walked in the door, kissed my wife and daughter, walked out onto the bluff behind the house that will now forever be a sense memory for this lovely city, stood there... And cried. Knowing what I know now about working among you as you create this show day after day, I now know that if I had known it earlier, I would've known enough to have done it long before now... You know? Not only did it give me an incredible appreciation for the professionalism with which you apply your crafts and genuinely touch me with your good humor and warmth, directing this episode gave me a new appreciation for the world we have created on the screen.


Cinemaspy managed to get their hands on a copy of the book by some nefarious means, and their pictures give an idea of the work that went into the book, and into the show itself, including concept art, call sheets and an amazing number of behind the scenes photos.


Don't get me wrong; I don't think that we need to read Moore and co-executive producer David Eick's personal tributes to everyone who worked on the show, as such, but I'd love the chance to have such a wonderful memento to the series for myself. Exclusive: The 'Battlestar Galactica' Cast & Crew Coffee Table Book [Cinemaspy]

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