Is this the face of our new Doctor?

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This Sunday morning, Brits opened up their papers to a surprise: a report that actor Rory Kinnear has been offered the starring role on Doctor Who. So is this our new Doctor?


The Telegraph is reporting that Kinnear, who plays Bill Tanner in the new James Bond movies and won a BAFTA for his turn as Prime Minister Michael Callow in the Black Mirror episode "The National Anthem," has been offered the role. An unnamed source told the paper, "He has been offered the part and we are waiting to hear if he will accept."

So is it true? Bleeding Cool points out that the Telegraph didn't run this as a front page story, suggesting that they're less than confident that this is a done deal. BC also notes that Ed Stradling, who has produced segments for Doctor Who DVD extras, says Moffat claims the announcement is far off:


For now, this falls into the category of unconfirmed. But perhaps Kinnear is a favorite for the role.

BBC asks James Bond star to be its new Doctor Who [Telegraph via Bleeding Cool]

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So this will happen that a known face and bookie fav will get the role ? I was more expecting someone a bit younger and equally lunatic,also least expected.

#disappointed even after gulping down the news with a bucket of salt#

On a side note why wasn't this guy ever considered for the role of the doctor ?