So this DVD looks and smells like pizza when it's finished playing

It's been been covered with a heat-activated label that changes from black to a picture of a pizza once it's done a few thousand revolutions inside your DVD player. At which point it also smells like pizza. Utterly dumb, or totally brilliant? We report – YOU DECIDE.


Via Dvice:

In partnership with 10 local video rental stores, Domino's printed special labels with flavored varnish on movie discs including Argo, James Bond, and The Dark Knight. As the discs heat up, the label's movie title is gradually replaced with an image of a pizza. And, once the movie is over and the disc is removed from the player, the user is also treated to the smell of fresh pizza along with the message: "Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino's Pizza."

Anybody else find it a little distressing to think that the smell of a Domino's pizza can be reproduced on the label of a DVD? Like, we understand synthetic smells aren't new or anything, and the smell of pizza is one of the most enticing aromas on the planet, but to have it emanate from a warm DVD? How accurate of a smell can it really be? Has anybody encountered one of these things in the wild?




Do you have to buy these DVDs? Or are they free with some promotion?

If you have to buy them, are they cheaper because of the ads on the DVDs?

Honestly, I'd return the DVD and not buy from that store again if such obtrusive ads were shoved at me.