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Not, this is not a fan fic—this is a real TV event that will happen this season, now that Sleepy Hollow is airing on Thursdays after the long-running, not-at-all-fantastic forensic science procedural Bones. Bones and the ‘Bod, together at last. The hell?


Via EW:

That’s right, history-mining fantasy thriller Sleepy Hollow is being creatively meshed with the long-running crime-solving dramedyBones to crossover characters. The crossover will be across two episodes, one on each show. [...]

Story details, including which characters would appear in each episode, have not yet been disclosed—but the mind reels at the possibilities

To be fair, this is a weirder problem for Bones than it is Sleepy Hollow. The FBI definitely exists in the world of Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane; in fact, I’ve heard tell that Abbie starts the third season as an FBI agent herself. Crossing paths with Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan of Bones is no problem.

But is Bones really ready to be visited by a 240-year-old dude who fights Headless Horsemen? How will the characters possibly go back to investigating regular old cold cases after they’ve discovered that actual demons are coming to earth and trying to bring about the end of days?


If I’m being perfectly honest, though, if David Boreanaz is shown fighting any kind of supernatural creature with a melee weapon like in his Angel days, I’m going to be on board.

[Via EW]

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