Last night was the season finale of Syfy's Being Human. Lives were lost, secrets were revealed, and flashbacks were flying. Here's what we loved and what we didn't. Until next season! Spoilers ahead...

Last night, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You" wrapped up a great first season for the Americanized version of Being Human. And we can't wait for the next year of cleverly titled episodes (this years favorite names include "You're the One That I Haunt," "Going Dutch" and "Something To Watch Over Me"). Instead of utilizing flashbacks to illustrate Aidan's historical harido journey, the first trip down memory lane introduced the vampire to the werewolf. And just as we suspected, their chemistry was instantaneous.


While Josh tends to the wounded Aidan (gored by Bishop) the werewolf reflects on how the two met. Turns out Aidan stopped Marcus and another vampire thug from smacking the werewolf around. The moment itself wasn't spectacular or particularly memorable, but it highlighted something that has made this show entertaining since the pilot: Josh and Aidan's effortless rapport.

"You don't bat an eye at me being a vampire, but the nurse thing is weird?" "Just so you know, it wouldn't have been exactly like beating up a girl."


Thank goodness there's finally a drama on television, where the writing and the cast gel so easily. The folks on this show know how to write funny dialogue, and these two guys know how to deliver it in the face of great horror without belittling the drama that surrounds them. What can we say? It just works.

The rest of the episode was a slow burn to the big fight between the vampire and his maker. Bishop talks to Josh "for a disturbingly long time," letting him know that it's got to be now, or he's going to kill everyone's family. Aidan reluctantly drains his ex-lover Celine so he can gather the strength to fight.

Both Sally and Josh rally around their supernatural family, making huge sacrifices for Aidan. Sally leaves her door, turning her back on eternal peace and happiness. Josh sacrifices his new life with Nora and baby trying to trick Bishop. After an entire season of Aidan's mistakes and constant misfortune, there's no real reason for these folks to stand by him and risk their futures. Aidan murdered Rebecca (causing Bishop to bring back a vampire that in turn murdered a sweet hospital nurse and turned a child), he mind wiped a cop resulting in the police officer's brutal suicide, he rescued the evil Amish sect of vampire lords, and even kept an incriminating vampire snuff film in the apartment. This vampire is plagued by bad luck and poor decision making skills.


But as the show moves on, you see how Aidan is truly the father figure of this unit. He's the all knowing ghost expert, who defends and teaches Sally about her ghostly powers. Aidan was also the supernatural that forced Josh back into the world, he set him up with a job at the hospital and pushed for the apartment hoping it would force Josh, and himself, back into society. Aidan's easily the biggest monster of the group (as he's actually killed people) but, he's the roommate that keeps both Sally and Josh the most human. Their world does not work with out him as Josh and Sally demonstrated when they pondered why Sally can suddenly pick things up with her ghostly hands.

There is no other option but to fight for their friend. And just like a Dad, Aidan lets Josh think he's calling the shots, and changes things at the last minute, trapping Josh in the hospital during his vampire transformation.


So Aidan fights Bishop, and it ends with dusty vampire tears for his fallen master. But not before Bishop could whisper to his friend that it was always going to end like this. Was Bishop tired of it all? Did he regret becoming the evil beast that he was? Was his entire plan for East Coast vampire domination just a cry for help? Did he always secretly want it to go down like this, with clichéd bloody hand clasped to Aidan's chiseled cheek? Perhaps. One thing that's true is this series will take a big hit losing an actor like Mark Pellegrino. He made disgusting creep sexy and struck true terror into a series that could have taken a detour down the ridiculous. Great casting, great villain, we will miss you Bishop.

Sidenote, the final battle was absolutely gorgeous. Another thing we'll miss from this show are the arty hues and sepia tone flashbacks. It's sappy, but hey, it's pretty too! Hopefully this will continue in season 2.

But that's not all! The season finally put a twist on the rushed lady-with-a-baby plot. Nora has now seen Josh transform, and knows his big secret. And in doing so, got scratched by her man, which can only mean that she too will become a werewolf in the next season. But what about the baby? When Josh transformed, it pained Nora, physically. Did the baby also transform into a wolf at the full moon and rip apart her insides Twilight style? Was it a miscarriage? The show was pretty vague about the end result, probably on purpose. Or did we miss it? Seems to me they're keeping the status of the baby mysterious on purpose. Thankfully we're much more on board with the baby dilemma now that the crazy has been turned up. If Josh has to have a kid, it must be wolf creature or not at all. And it might be not at all.


In the end, it was the three all over again. "Being human," talking about wallpaper and krav maga (which was hilarious). Which brings up a good point, what will Danny do with the house? Just let them live there while he's in prison? Even Sally has grown over this season and found her voice amongst the two fellas. (The last episode proved that Sally could play the badass as well as the victim). It was a drama-filled climax, with a bit of a twist in the end, but nothing that rocked the boat too terribly much. Sure, Aidan might be the new leader of the Bostonian vampires, but that's not going to last. And who is "her" that the Dutch came to fetch Aidan for. We guess all will be revealed later.


But let's leave you all with this — our tribute to Aidan's many vintage vampire wigs and hats. If anyone wants to make a clip show of the hairstyles in action (preferably set to Willow Smith's "I Whip My Hair Back And Forth") we wouldn't be opposed to posting it. See you all next season, fingers crossed for an 80s Flock of Seagulls Aidan mane to add to our collection!