Doctor Who is finally validated with an official Mr. Potato Head toy

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You're not a pop culture juggernaut until Mr. Potato Head says you are. Spider-Man? Star Wars? Star Trek? Kiss? Batman? All these were nothing until this starchy Solomon designed to recognize them with a themed Mr. Potato Head toy. And now, Doctor Who is joining this carbohydrate-loaded elite.


The official Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head was glimpsed at this year's Comic-Con, but will be officially on sale this November, although some online sites might get them as early as this month. Here's the completely ridiculous official product description:

The Eleventh Doctor as played by "MASH" Smith! Hop in the TARDIS with Mr. Potato Head as he pays homage to the last known survivor of "Galli-Fry", DOCTOR WHO in his quirky eleventh incarnation! Set comes complete with 8 removable parts and pieces.

"Galli-Fry" is pretty great/terrible, but come one, guys, you could have done better. First of all, clearly it should be Doctor Potato Head. Second of all, he should be wielding a Sonic Potato Peeler. And last but not least, he should clearly have been packaged with the T.A.T.E.R.D.I.S.

[Via ToyNewsI]

DISCUSSION's just the Eleventh Doctor? Because I was really hoping you could dress him up as whatever Doctor you wanted. If not, what's the point in having a Doctor toy with removable features?