The Winter's Tale movie was kind of a huge letdown — except for this unexpected scene featuring Will Smith in a surprising role. And now that this movie is out on DVD, here's Will Smith completely stealing the movie in one wacky sequence. Spoilers ahead...


Yep, Will Smith is Lucifer. And he hangs out in a weird chamber under the sewers of New York, waiting for demons like Pearly (Russell Crowe) to come visit him and give him status updates on whether or not they're preventing people from falling in true love. On the other side, Rafe McCawley from Defiance is busy dispensing old timey wisdom about magic horses to Colin Farrell, who's rocking a succession of terrible hairstyles.


Anyway, this moment, in which Will Smith totally just goes for it as an imprisoned, pissed-off Lucifer, is the one part of the movie that actually stuck in my mind afterwards. If the whole movie had been like this, it would at least have been a weirdly entertaining crazy "B" movie, along the lines of Legion or something. Anyway, enjoy.

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