Illustration for article titled So can we get a line of Avengers-inspired dresses already?

Artist Robinade's Avengers dress designs looked cute—and, for the most part, quite wearable—when we first saw them on paper. This trio of cosplayers brought three of those dresses to life and make us wonder: Why can't we buy a Loki-inspired frock off the rack?


Photo by Vincent Tam.

Cosplayers Smulz (Iron Man), Esmerod (Loki), and Tsuya (Thor) are modeling these fine dresses. The inspirations are clear, but without the capes, they wouldn't look out of place at a non-comics-themed party. Between these dresses and Kelsey Michele's Avengers gowns (which came to life at DragonCon), I'd like to see some officially licensed Marvel dresses that evoke these characters without being overly costumey. Or maybe I just want Robinade's Gamma-radiation green Hulk dress.

Avengers dresses [Esmerod via GeekTyrant]


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