Snowpiercer's New Season 2 Teaser Promises a Different Kind of Revolution

Wilford and Layton facing off in the snow.
Wilford and Layton facing off in the snow.
Screenshot: TNT
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In the finale of Snowpiercer’s first season, the passengers of the titular car were all shocked to discover that not only were they not the world’s last survivors of the world’s plunge into a permanent deadly winter, they also weren’t the only people speeding across the globe in a humongous train.


And, just as Snowpiercer’s passengers were coming to learn the truth about the Wilford corporation, the show took a left turn to reveal that the Mr. Wilford isn’t as MIA as Melanie led everyone to believe. During a panel discussion about Snowpiercer’s upcoming second season, actor Sean Bean, who plays Wilford, and the rest of the show’s cast sat down to tease out details of what’s to come, and Bean promised that Wilford’s second train and its passengers are going to drastically change the balance of power on both locomotives.

“He’s charming,” Bean said of his character. “He’s fun to be with. But the lengths he will go to in order to get what he wants are quite incredible.”

In addition to covering a bit about the familial drama that’s going to take center stage in Snowpiecer’s second season, the panel also featured a brief teaser detailing what’s to come that’s definitely worth checking out above. Snowpiercer’s second season hits TNT on January 25.

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io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.


Considering Sean Bean is playing Mr. Wilford, I presume he will die in some complicated or undignified manner at the end of the season.

Also Rowan Blanchard as member of the cast is interesting to me, since my oldest recently got into Girl Meets World, and it plays non-stop in our house.