Looks like Nazi zombies are going to do us all a solid and feast on the brains of hip teen snowboarders. Thanks, zombie Third Reich. In the Norwegian movie Dead Snow, a group of frozen undead German soldiers from World War II rise up to attack local vacationing snow bunnies. How did these kids awaken the wrath of these cold antisemitic corpses? My money is on global warming. Check out a few stills after the jump. There isn't too much detail on this foreign monster flick that's set to release in January. But it does prove that zombies can live forever if frozen. Which leads me to the question: What would happen if zombies stumbled into The Thing territory? Now that's a hybrid movie I'd pay to see. Still the pictures from Dead Snow look intriguing enough to show at any foreign film fest in a major city, so hopefully it'll come to one near you. [Dead Snow via Twitch]

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