Snow White and the Huntsman gets a completely unnecessary sequel

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Snow White and the Huntsman was a movie that should have been a lot better than it was. But because people were tricked into thinking this movie was actually about a badass queen doing badass things, it made money. Now a sequel is being fast-tracked, because money. And actor Nick Frost thinks the dwarves will have an even bigger part.


Warning spoilers from the movie past this point.

Deadline broke the news that Universal has poked David Koepp into scripting a sequel. And now everyone is wondering if first time director Rupert Sanders would come back to film the second. But the Queen is dead, so what's the point? Everyone went to go see that movie for some awesome Evil Queen action, and what we got was a mystical blind dwarf, and inexplicably strange journeys to far-away castles that only take two hours by horse to get to in the first place. Granted, they could bring the Queen back with a simple "little did we know the Queen wasn't dead," but we really can't see Charlize Theron doing a sequel. Then again you never know, because money.

Oh and Nick Frost told Bleeding Cool that the dwarves will play a bigger part in the sequel.

I think you meet the dwarves at a point where the story needs some comic magic, and that's our main job in this first one. We support and provide comedy relief. As much as the film is quite dark and gothic and is meant to be creepy, more Lord of the Rings-y than Mirror, Mirror, perhaps. I do think the dwarves are being prepped for film two.

Let's hope they get eaten by the fairies, which were the second best part of this movie next to Theron's excellent wardrobe.



Just saw it today, and aside from having the weirdest boner when Charlize was on screen, I felt that the movie was just trying to hard to impress itself.

And while I really didn't find KSTEW an overly-expressive actress, to her credit, she didn't ONCE bite her lip.

I was watching for it.