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Snikt Up Your ABCs With Wolverine

Illustration for article titled Snikt Up Your ABCs With Wolverine

It's not exactly Sesame Street, but artist Sean Murphy's awesome Wolverine Alphabet series shows just one potential way for Marvel to get in with future owners Disney. After all, what could be more educational than mutants helping kids to spell?


These images aren't some kind of Marvel sell-out, however; for one thing, artist Murphy works for the competition, under contract to DC Comics. Although that hasn't stopped Marvel from making overtures nonetheless:

I've been approached by two Marvel editors who want me to "switch teams" once my DC exclusive is done, so maybe something with the ABCs can be worked out if that happens. But if you're looking to buy something then find me at a convention next year. My art dealer Paolo at is looking to make up prints. I'm thinking either prints of the whole alphabet, single prints of each letter, or custom prints for people who want their child's name spelled out for the nursery (which is why the series isn't too violent). Maybe all three. I'll do a poll at some point to see what people would be interested in.


We admit, we're up for a print of the whole thing, but we'll settle for whatever we can get - and look forward to Murphy finishing the series in the meantime.

Sean Murphy's Gallery [DeviantArt] (Via)

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Oh god. I know now what I want for Christmas.

Please Santa, I've been very.... well, er... quite... no... um... I've been marginally good this year! :D