Sneak Peek At Avengers: Age Of Ultron Reveals A Whole Lotta Action

A new behind-the-scenes Avengers 2, sneak peek has all sorts of goodies. Including a lot more Joss Whedon talking explosions and action, and more Scarlet Witch. And also take a listen to what could possibly the robot-infused new score to the sequel.


Taken from the bonus feature on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (which is now on Digital HD & Blu-ray on December 9th) everything looks really, really huge. All understandable as the last movie blew up a lot of New York, sothe sequel will have to raise the stakes a lot higher (not sure how they're going to do that, but we're eager to find out).

Next up is the Avengers 2 website. Just released today, people are speculating that the new music on the official page may be the new score. It's got a bit of electric edge to it, and that works with the new villain Ultron, as well as the new character Vision. Whether real or not, it's still interesting, so take a listen.

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I find it interesting that we don't seem to have iconic music in big genre films anymore. Maybe this is a factor of who scores them (John Williams comes to mind of course) but everyone knows the Star Wars theme, and the Indiana Jones and Star Trek scores are memorable.

I would have to say that Avengers is up there as far as popular movies go - but I wouldn't recognize the score is my life depended on it. (okay maybe I would recognize it but u sure can't hum it for you)