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The latest batch of spoilers include yet another Spider-Man 4 villain update. And some sassy Harry Potter set pics. There's inside dirt on Eastwick and Vampire Diaries. Plus mega Shorts, Torchwood, Heroes, Lost, Smallville and Chuck spoilers!

Spider-Man 4:

You may recall that we reported that Michael Papajohn said he'd be back as the carjacker who killed Peter Parker's Uncle Ben in the first movie. People have been assuming this meant he'd appear in a dream sequence or flashback. But the chatty Papajohn spoke up again, telling a fan, "Who says I died in the first one?" The fan's uncle pressed Papajohn for details, but Papajohn said, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." Basically, Papajohn loves killing people's uncles. [Superhero Hype]


Harry Potter:

Some set photos from Deathly Hallows. They were filming in "muggle clothes" at Scotland Yard. And people are guessing they're breaking in at the Ministry of Magic. Way way more pics at the link. [ComingSoon]





G.I. Joe:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt describes his character in the movie, the Doctor: "I'm just a future ruler of the world." [Sci Fi Wire]



Sci Fi Wire talked to director Robert Rodriguez and has a bit of a new plot synopsis for this August 7 movie: It's about

11-year-old Toe Thompson, who just wants to make a few friends, until a mysterious rainbow-colored rock falls from the sky, hits him in the head and changes everything: It grants wishes to anyone who holds it.


[Sci Fi Wire]


More spoilers for this Doctor Who spin-off, coming back to BBC on July 6 and BBC America on July 20. Digital Spy has ten "teasers," some of which we've already reported a few times. Let's see... not only does every child on Earth start chanting "We are coming," but they all do it in English. The only non-child repeating the message is that psych patient, Timothy White, who was traumatized in 1965.


Jack and Ianto get referred to as a "couple" on several occasions. (Yay.) We get to see how Ianto's cousin, sister and niece deal with his same-sex relationship. And Gwen and Rhys are house-hunting, but Gwen will have a surprise for Rhys by the end of the first episode. On a related note, the first episode ends with both Gwen and Captain Jack having something inside them that will change their worlds forever. (i.e., Gwen is probably pregnant. Jack, no clue.) And as we mentioned, episode one ends with one of the greatest cliffhangers ever — which some speculate is Torchwood HQ getting blown up. [Digital Spy via Life The Universe and Combom]


Michael Emerson is always game to speculate with us about what lies ahead in the show's final season. He guesses that maybe we'll get some more Ben flashbacks, possibly filling in some more of Ben's bio as an adult. (But isn't the new season supposed to be flashback-free? Or is that only the last half of the season?) He also questions whether Jacob is really "killable," despite having been stabbed in the finale. [Sci Fi Wire]



Hayden Panettiere hints that one of Claire's new roommates could be her new arch-enemy. Or at the very least, you don't really know about her roommate at first. (Didn't they do that on Buffy already?) And she says the new organization causing havoc for the super-mutants is the Carnival, which is "kind of the opposite of the Company." (They're the carnival freaks, led by the Eddie Izzard-esque carnival barker.) [Sci Fi Wire]

Also, there's a new casting call for Doctor Cambridge, a sixty-something female doctor who treats the show's new deaf character. She knows sign language and has a "vested interest" in her patient. [SpoilerTV]


Cristina Rose says that we'll learn in episode 4x03 twenty years ago, Angela made a decision that is going to come back and bite her in the ass. (Another one?) Angela tries her best, but she keeps screwing up. Still, she'll stay afloat "with a sense of humor and a glass of wine." [E! Online]


More about those glitches in Chuck's new superpowers that you've heard about. Turns out Chuck might try to "flash" on his kung-fu skills, but instead he'll suddenly know ballet. [E! Online]



Justin Hartley says Oliver Queen is going to start drinking again. [E! Online]


A ton of casting calls for this supernatural John Updike-inspired series. There's Eleanor Rougement, a former witch in the same circle as Bun (Veronica Cartwright). The fifty- or sixty-something Grey Gardens-esque Eleanor used to be sexy and seductive, but now she lives in a haze of paranoia. If and when she emerges, she may become a force to be reckoned with. And she can be both quirky/funny and terrifying.


Morgan Chase was the love of Joanna's life, but left her at the altar. He comes back to Eastwick, engaged to another woman, but then he and Joanna realize they still have feelings for each other, and romance blossoms anew. Their rekindled romance goes dark when Joanna realizes Morgan has ulterior motives for pursuing her.

Milton Philpont was a crack reporter, but he's now retired. He remembers every detail of every story he ever wrote, and loves to repeat them at length. He may hold a crucial piece of information about the mysterious bad boy Darryl Van Horne, but is unable to remember — possibly due to mystical reasons — to his chagrin.

Darryl Van Horne and the ladies of Eastwick arouse condemnation from Deacon Dunn, a self-righteous Christian who espouses family values but secretly visits prostitutes. (I love how this show is going to challenge stereotypes.) He appears solid and likeable, but is secretly unstable and can turn violent if you cross him. Also, the African American Sheriff Hawkins is a no-nonsense skeptic, but sees more and more strange goings on and has started to suspect a supernatural explanation.


Then there are the teenagers. We meet Josh, Chad's little brother, who's a total geek and Dungeons & Dragons-lover. He's sweet and chivalrous, the kind of guy who will "score like crazy" in college, but for now the girls just look past him. He becomes the love interest of Mia (Ashley Benson). Then there's the 15-year-old Justine, who'd Mia's best friend since kindergarten. And Stephie, the "popular girl" at Mia's school, who doesn't realize how bitchy she comes across to others. [SpoilerTV]

Also, Lindsay Price talks about her character:

[Joanna's] very awkward and shy. She's like the Susan Sarandon [character in the movie], very bookish, but she works for the paper, like the Michelle Pfeiffer character. My character on Eastwick is not a fashionista to say the least. She loves to spill something on her clothes. She's like Annie Hall meets Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary.


[E! Online]

True Blood:

When Sookie and Bill get to Dallas, the Fellowship of the Sun sends someone to abduct her. Meanwhile, Lafayette invites Eric over to his house, then feeds off his blood to recover from the wounds he sustained when Eric abducted him. [E! Online]


Vampire Diaries:

There's a new review of this show's pilot. It starts with a voiceover saying "For over a century I have lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows, alone in the world, until now. I am a vampire, and this is my story." A twenty-something couple drives their SUV through the forest to the strains of alternative rock, but then a guy appears right in front of them and they hit him. The driver rushes over to the prone figure, but then it turns out to be a vampire and snaps his neck.

Then we get to know Elena, a teenager, and Stefan, a vampire, as they both write diaries. Elena is trying to regain her identity after the death of her parents. And Stefan is obsessed with Elena, who reminds him of a girl he used to know. And we also meet the supporting cast:

Elena's brooding brother, her nutty friend Bonnie who thinks she is psychic, the jock ex-boyfriend, the sex-pot, the blond, the bully, the Prius, you get the picture.


Stefan registers for Elena's high school, and instantly everyone's in love with him. And he and Elena keep running into each other and flirting and stuff. And then at one point Elena cuts her shin, and we see veins pop out on Stefan's face as his bloodlust kicks in. We wonder if it's Stefan killing people around town but it turns out to be Stefan's vampire brother Damon. Unlike Stefan, Damon still drinks human blood, so he's much stronger when the two scuffle. And we learn that magical rings enable the two vamps to walk in sunlight. [TV Overmind]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.