Smoke Monsters and Side Boob dominate Being Human

Everybody is getting laid and dead on Being Human. At first glance, this seemed like a jam-packed episode of Syfy's supernatural soap opera. But on further inspection, we're not sure if the copious side-boob and smoke-monster sessions actually put an interesting plot into this week's episode. But then again, there were copious side boob and smoke monsters.

Oh well, let's just enjoy some naked dimple-chin vamp hiney, and Josh whipping out his protective side. Spoilers ahead...


So after the all the gluttonous sex stuff from last week, Sally and Aidan had to deal with a full scale sex hangover. But nothing works better than the hair of the dog, don't it? So you guys know what that means, MORE SEX. As opposed to going cold turkey, Aidan and Sally decide to keep on keepin' on, in their dirty bits.

And what did we learn from this relapse? Nothing terribly interesting, as far as Aidan's world goes. More vampire politics — one of the attractive young white vampires Aidan sired has started diddling the Princess that Aidan was secretly in love with, yadda, yadda, yadda... he's still alive, and now Aidan is sleeping with the Princess (and feeding on her side-boob). The whole plot is just kind of... there.

I think I miss the Dutch. Fantasies of Shaker-style vampires dance-worshiping and making gorgeous furniture in the hills of Kentucky still haunt my dreams. Now they were something I hadn't seen before. Vampires in 1920s costumes talking about vampire politics and love, we've all been there (I believe True Blood did it best). However I will say this, everyone looks great. Aidan's sire looks great and Dichen Lachman is just absolutely delightful, beautiful and a wonderful actress. I just wish they would just give these fine folks something else to do beside fill a purse up with stakes and look for the orphan vampires. We've seen this. Ah well, Being Human is a clever show, and I can be patient with my favorite character's plot-lines for now. Especially when the other two are delivering so nicely.


In other much more interesting news, I adored the Sally story line. Watching her turn into a possession junkie was pretty wondrous. And it all got even better when she found out that her skin-jumping had made her poor human host bonkers. Turns out the smoke monster is actually a Reaper. What did Sally do to make the Reapers so pissed at her? Time to dig up suicide Billy, or whatever his name is, for some answers. Also kudos to Being Human for making Sally use her host for sex. I'm glad they weren't afraid to "go there" (for lack of a better phrase). If I was stuck forever in purgatory I can't even think of the unspeakable things I would do with my ghost powers. And probably not all for good (good for me, maybe, but not humanity).

Meanwhile, Nora is showing her true wolf spots, and Josh decides to play with some of my strong angry boyfriend fantasies. The strangely incestuous were-siblings nuzzle Nora over to the wolfy side. But before they went full furry, Josh got all bristled under the collar and beat the shit out of Nora's abusive ex (who apparently threw acid on her stomach, or something I don't know let's just assume it's bad??). Hullo vengeance boyfriend — if you didn't melt a little when Josh got to take off the Jimmy Olsen and say "Say something about her again, I'm begging you," then you're just dead inside. Here it is in case you didn't catch it the first time.


Of course Nora shows up and ruins everything, but it's not because she cares about her ex's life, it's because she wants to kill him herself. And kill him she does, with the help of her new naked sleepy-time friends the brother and sister were-sex gang. Methinks Nora will not be taking any sort of were-cure Josh dreams up in his storage unit.


Until next week when Nora has to explain what it feels like to be the meat of a naked brother and sister sandwich. Yuck!

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