Smile! It's Time for the Springtime Gif Party

Who among us wouldn’t love to watch something burn.
Image: A24

It’s Friday, May 1, and that means two things: It’s May Day and we should all be supporting essential workers as they fight for their rights, and spring is finally here! We’re having a gif party to celebrate everything that is springtime. Rebirth. Renewal. Bears.

We might all be stuck inside for the time being, but we’ve still got a pretty nice view of the trees blossoming, the birds chirping, and the pagan cults setting people on fire. Leave your favorite party gifs in the comments below. Bonus points for gifs to commemorate this special time of year. Heck, double points if you let me know something cool that happened in your life over the past week. For example, I started using Turnip Exchanges in Animal Crossing and I’m making bank.


Gotta celebrate the little things, like Peridot being the world’s most perfect flower girl.

“Flowers for YOU!”
Image: Cartoon Network

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We’ve been inside for HOW LONG?