Smallville's Wonder Twins Include Our Favorite Hacker. Plus First Look At Brian Austin Green's Metallo!

Illustration for article titled Smallvilles Wonder Twins Include Our Favorite Hacker. Plus First Look At Brian Austin Greens Metallo!

Smallville is scraping the bottom of the superhero barrel, and coming up with a heaping of Wonder Twins for its next season. Even the first glimpse at Brian Austin Green's naked robotic chest doesn't make the pain any duller.

According to KryptonsiteDavid Gallagher (7th Heaven) and Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13's awesome Claudia) have been cast as Zan and Jayna in the ninth season of Smallville. And you thought Smallville couldn't sink any lower? Bring on the water transforming Zan. I believe this clever clip expresses exactly why the Wonder Twins should be thrown into lake of fire.


In happier news, TV Guide Magazine has the first look at the cyborg-ish Brian Austin Green who stars in two special Smallville episodes in September as Metallo, the Daily Planet reporter who gets a heart of kryptonite after a tragic accident.

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As I said on Topless Robot:

So, lemme get this straight: in nine seasons, in which they stretch this "no flight, no tights" rule beyond all ridiculousness, they can't find a way to make the one cameo everybody wanted to see, namely, Bruce Wayne, but they can add in every other two-bit character (Hello, Zatanna!) and now THE FUCKING WONDER TWINS?