Smallville's 31st Century Teens Revealed

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Never mind ripping off Cloverfield, the emergence of future Superman murderer Doomsday or the last-minute reappearance of a long-lost villain; the best moment of last Thursday's Smallville came in the promo for what's coming up on the show when it returns in January next year. Why? Because it gave us our first chance to see the show's take on the Legion of Super-Heroes, and we never could resist teenage superheroes from the future.Episode writer Geoff Johns, who's currently writing the characters in the Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds series from DC Comics, explained the genesis of bringing the 31st century superteens into the CW's angst-ridden drama:

‘Smallville’ had been featuring Green Arrow for some time, and Black Canary and Cyborg and Bart Allen had made appearances, and since the Legion is such a big part of the Superman mythology from when he was younger, I had an idea to introduce them into the ‘Smallville’ world too... I was casually talking to [former ‘Smallville’ producer] Jeph Loeb one day, who obviously knows the showrunners – Darren, Todd, Kelly and Brian – and he mentioned it to them that I had an idea for an episode. They called me up and were pretty excited to hear it. So I pitched them the idea of the Legion and how it affected Clark and what it would mean to the characters in the series. And they loved it. I spent a couple weeks in the writers’ room with them breaking the story and working on the script and then flew up for the shoot. So that’s how it all came together. It was really pretty amazing.

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As a longtime Legion geek, I have to admit that I love the call-out each character's outfit has to their comic book version, even if it it also makes them look pretty ridiculous as well. Johns is optimistic that they'll be successful enough to make a return appearance:

I can tell you the door is left open pretty wide for them and other Legionnaires. If there’s a Season 9, I would love to write another episode.

As long as you're going to have some version of this scene, Geoff? You can bring them back whenever you want. The "Legion" episode of Smallville airs on January 15th at 8pm on the CW. Image from Kryptonsite (Via). Geoff Johns Talks Legion of Smallville [Comic Book Resources]


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