Will Smallville really last past its ninth season? Some are pointing to a comment from the show's Green Arrow, Justin Hartley, as proof that Clark Kent may be crusading for years to come, but we're not convinced.

SciFi Wire reports Hartley talking on the subject of how long the show may continue recently:

"Look, they're so busy right now, they don't know if they're doing one more season or eight more seasons or two more seasons... They have no idea. So we'll see.


Quite how that clearly-intentionally ridiculous "eight more seasons" seemed to be taken more literally than it should've been by some, we're not sure, but it seems more like Hartley was saying "anything's possible," than "this show will never end."

Then again, he blew our mind when he revealed how old Green Arrow is supposed to be in the show ("I'd say I'm playing what, 14 or 15 right now, about, roughly"), so who knows?

So now it's possible Smallville's upcoming ninth season may not be its last? [SciFi Wire]

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