It's official; Smallville's showrunners, Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin, have left the series to head up the CW's revival of Melrose Place. So what lies ahead for Clark Kent's television career?

According to the LA Times, fans shouldn't be worried about the departure of Swimmer and Slaykin:

While the show has yet to be renewed for a ninth season, sources assure that a greenlight for more is likely. And with Swimmer and Slavkin gone, the show's other two executive producers, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, are poised step in as show runners.


But while the producers may be in place, what about the actors? Rumors are still going around that some of the cast — including Clark himself, Tom Welling — are uncertain about signing up for a ninth season of the show, and last week fansite Kryptonsite suggested that the CW may be thinking of alternatives:
[W]e are starting to hear rumors that if Tom does not sign for a Season 9, there might be a Smallville spin-off in its place after all. No ideas yet on casting or concept, or if this is anything more than a rumor, but it's something to think about...

A spin-off? Even though recently proposed Robin-centric spin-off The Graysons didn't make it past the drawing board? Really, people. If Welling doesn't want to continue for a ninth year, don't think about new showrunners, don't think about spin-offs. Just let the thing come to a natural conclusion already.


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