Smallville Finale Shows No Love For Characters

Last night's season finale for Smallville ended on a big "I love you but I have to do this" cliffhanger (as Smallville so often does). Find out if Lana and Clark get back together, what terrible thing happens to Chloe (something always does), what's Lex plotting, and why Kara has been so moody lately. Full recap of "Arctic," after the jump.

The episode starts with the in-flight execution of Edward Teague (Robert Picardo). The last member of the Veritas secret society sits nervously sipping a drink on an empty private jet. Cut to Kara walking into the cabin, donning a sexy flight attendant uniform, and subsequently scaring the crap out of Teague. Pissed-off Kara punches a hole through the airplane and extorts information on the whereabouts of the device that can control The Traveler (Lex has it). Kara takes off and lets Teague's plane crash. Bye, bye secret society.

Much of the same back in Smallville and at the Daily Planet. Lex Luthor wants to make Jimmy Olsen his bitch-boy because he got Jimmy's girl Chloe Sullivan out of lock-up for that whole terrorist imbroglio. Note to Chloe, don't hack into government files if you don't want to get arrested. So now Jimmy has to lie (gasp) to his pal Lois Lane, or Lex will tell National Security that Chloe is a terrorist and it's back to the pokey for her.

Lois is jazzed that Chloe's firing opened up a spot for Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. She even brings him an application. Yay, more Lois-and-Clark time. But Clark will have to get over his whole petty "I'd never work for Lex Luthor" attitude first. We all know it will happen. Chloe ruins this moment by taking Clark to her secret computer lair, where she reveals that Teague is dead. Together they figure out that Kara is the one that destroyed Teague's plane and now they're both scared because Kara has gone crazy and is killing people. Clark then heads to Lex's mansion to intercept Kara and scold her for being a murderer. Kara protests her actions are only aimed at saving Clark and humanity. Because whoever controls the device controls Clark, and they can turn him into a weapon. Lies! She later teams up with Lex saying she wants to destroy the Traveler too, and tells Lex he needs to go to The Fortress of Solitude to use the Veritas orb.

Jimmy meets up with Lois and plants Lex's seeds of deception in the worst acted scene ever. I get it, you're so moral, Jimmy, lying is hard for you, we don't need to see you physically in pain while lying. Then of course, Jimmy tells Lex this will be the last time.


Meanwhile Chloe tries to stop Kara with a bit o' kryptonite. But it's not Kara and she shape-shifts to reveal that she's actually Brainiac. He zaps her brain the same way he zapped Lana's, but Chloe's not the same as Lana, because she was affected by the meteor as well. Chloe falls into a coma and Brainiac is weakened by Chloe's secret powers.

Clark is pissed that all of his friends are now in comas thanks to Brainiac, and confronts him. Brainiac admits he's done something terrible to Kara and won't tell Clark where she is, and on top of it all he mocks Clark for being weak. In response Clark kills Brainiac with a power cable, thus freeing Lana and Chloe from their comas.


Lana awakens and bolts the hospital before Clark can get there, leaving a sad DVD message that they just can't be together, and the world needs Clark more. Clark cries about Lana, again. I may have a gigantic girl crush on Lana, but I'm glad they decided to end this going-nowhere relationship. Wake me when Clark takes that job at the Planet.

Now that Chloe is awake Jimmy realizes he can't live with out her and gets down on one knee. But as with everyone else in Smallville, happiness in a relationship is unacceptable so the government barges in, ruins the romantic moment and hauls Chloe off to jail again. Lex, you evil, bald genius — kill as many people as you want, but interrupting a proposal? Your heart is a cinder. The moment did give Jimmy the chance to deliver one last terrible line for the season stating that Chloe went from, "life support to life without parole in less than a day." With all the drama surrounding Chloe's return I wonder if the writers threw her back in prison just in case they couldn't reach a contract agreement.


Jump to the Fortress of Solitude when a not-so-surprised Lex sees Clark for who he really is. After a quick back and forth about how they used to love each other and the overall betrayal between the two, Lex goes ahead and inserts the control orb from the Veritas. In Lex's defense he does firmly believe that Clark will destroy humanity and this is his birthright. This causes Clark to buckle and the fortress to start crumbling from above. Large, horribly animated crystals start to fall on Lex and Clark. Lex holds Clark, looks into his eyes and says, "I love you like a brother Clark but it has to end this way."

And finally where exactly has Brainiac hidden dear Kara? Turns out he's shoved her in a Phantom Zone and she is floating through space trapped.


Boo, what does the device do exactly? I want to see Clark as Lex's robot. I'm not too worried about Lana being gone as Clark is not meant for her anyways. It should be interesting to see how Smallville uses Lana and Lex, now that they won't be around as much.

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