Curvy Serinda Swan is Smallville's version of DC Comics' Zatanna - which is great, because she already has the wardrobe that I'd expect Smallville to squeeze the fishnet-clad magician into. Spoilers and innuendo follow

You may remember Swan from her work as the Hospital Receptionist from Psych, no? Ok what about her work as the face of online poker? Well anyway, I'm sure she has acting experience somewhere that would qualify her for this part, because surely she wasn't just hired due to her ahem, talents. No doubt she'll be following in the footsteps of Maxima and other recent female guest-stars and sexing up the show's male leads.


According to TV Guide Swan will be in the episode Hex as:

A magician who grants birthday girl Chloe a wish. Having been through the wringer ever since Brainiac mind-boinked her and Doomsday crashed her wedding day, Chloe expresses a desire to lead the comparatively mild-mannered life of Lois Lane. Voilà! Chloe magically inhabits Lois' (and thus Erica Durance's) body for the bulk of the hour. Clark is also granted a wish. But what could he possibly want for?

So are we happy with this Zatanna? Too bad, it sounds like she's in the show for about 5 seconds and the rest is the standard body-switcheroo story. I think they pretty much nailed the character's look, in any case. But now I'm wondering, what could Clark wish for? The ability to get hired for another role once Smallville ends?


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