Smallville certainly has its ups and downs, landing on io9 lists for Best Cliffhangers and Worst Final Battles, but the show remains a must-watch for Superman fans that won't struggle to pull on your fanboy heartstrings. Today you can pick up all ten seasons for $110, which is the lowest this set has gone for. [Amazon]

Staples has hosted $30 off tablet specials in the past. The difference today: they have iPads in stock. Promo code 58129 will take $30 off any tablet priced over $150, including the Nexus 7 and Retina iPad Mini. In the case of the iPad, that's the best deal we've seen so far.


If you're interested in an iPad Air or any iPad with LTE however, Best Buy has bigger savings available, including $100 off the LTE models when you sign a 2 year AT&T or Verizon contract.

Staples Tablet Sale | Promo Code 58129

Best Buy iPad Sale

If you picked up a new Kindle during yesterday's sale, you might want a case, screen protector, or charger to go with it. Just clip this coupon from Amazon Local into your Amazon account, and you can save 30% on your Kindle accessory order of up to $100. Click here to see a full list of eligible items.

30% Off Kindle Accessories | Clip The Coupon, Then Click Here To Find Items

After a long hiatus, the PS4 is back in stock at Amazon, and the PS4 camera is available from GameStop. Get both before they disappear again.

Playstation 4 | $400

PlayStation 4 Camera | $70

Today's Amazon Gold Box features an assortment of Sony SD cards, Micro SD cards, micro flash drives for your phone, and more. [Amazon]








Xbox 360





Home Theater



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