Cosplay is for all year round — but dressing up in weird store-bought approximations of your faovrite characters only happens once a year. Spirit Halloween has rolled out this year's prefab costumes. So here's our annual look at the best, weirdest and trashiest Halloween costumes you can buy.

Iron Man 3

Lone Ranger - Note Lack of "Sexy Tonto"

The Walking Dead, including Sexy Rick

Oz The Great and Powerful

Disney Princesses and other Disney characters

Random fantasy characters, including Mrs. Gnome

Stalker-Man, Scary Spider Dude, and Twerkin' Bear. Eeep

Man of Steel!

Batman, including some 1966-inspired costumes

Random Superheroes

Video Game Characters, including Sexy Sonic

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including Sexy Turtles

Random Cartoon Characters

Adventure Time, including Sexy Lumpy Space Princess

Pixar, Including Monsters U., and Sexy Jessie from Toy Story

Sexy Power Rangers

Sexy Zombies, including Zombie Barmaid

Horrible Shark and Orca Costumes

Steampunk. Hope you're proud.

Doctor Who, Lady Terminator, American Horror Story

Wise-Ass, Dumb-Ass, Dick-Head and Scary Clown Lady

Random WTF