Sleight Is Harry Potter Without the Whimsical Bullshit

What if the hustlers and tricksters you see doing card tricks could do real magic? That’s the premise behind Sleight, a lo-fi prestidigitation movie coming to theaters next April.

Sleight stars Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner) as Bo, a young man raising his younger sister after the death of their mother. He deals drugs to make ends meet but runs afoul of the criminals that inevitably cross his path. The only thing that can get him out from between a rock and a hard place is his ability to do actual, for-real magic. While it looks like Bo will have an older mentor character to help him on his hero’s journey, there’s no sign yet of sorting hats, ensorcelled trains taking kids to hidden schools or any of the other trappings commonly associated with mystically-focused young-hero stories.


Sleight is being distributed by WWE Films (for real) and is due out on April 7, 2017.

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