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In season three of Sleepy Hollow, the show lost not only one of its two main leads, but also the Headless Horseman, the supernatural villain at the heart of the Sleepy Hollow legend. Now, in the upcoming season four, it will even lose the setting that gives the show its name.

In the wake of several actors departing from the show—which includes the just-announced Lance Gross and Jessica Camacho, better known as Abbie’s uninteresting FBI co-workers which we mentioned in today’s Morning Spoilers—it turns out that Ichabod Crane will also be heading to Washington D.C., where the show will now be set as Ichabod does... something with a totally new team. Casting is in the works for a Dana Scully-like character named “Anna” along with four other new series regulars.


And thus the show has almost completely demolished any resemblance to its original concept.

Can you even call the show Sleepy Hollow if it’s no longer set there (Potential titles could include Ichabod Goes to Washington or Now We’re a Generic Supernatural Procedural)? More importantly, does a change of scenery make the decrepit husk of the series any more interesting? Fox obviously thinks so, but Fox also seems to think that people want a fourth season of Sleepy Hollow at all. I think they’re going to be unpleasantly surprised come this fall.



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