Sleepy Hollow Survives For A Third Season!

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Congratulations, Sleepy-heads. The future didn't look good, but now we know Ichabod Crane and Abigail Brooks will rise from their summer hiatus slumber this fall, and return for season 3. And with a new showrunner, too!

You may recall that the series' original showrunner, Mark Goffman, left last week to pursue projects at CBS, leaving the fate of the ratings-challenged series looking grim. Happily, Fox has decided to give the show a full third season, now helmed by The Glades creator Clifton Campbell. According to Deadline:

"We want to get back to something that feels a little bit more episodic in nature, it has become overly serialized," Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden acknowledged at TCA in January. "We are trying to return the fun to it a little bit."

Still, Sleepy Hollow has been a signature drama for Fox and a lucrative property for the company, with strong international sales for sibling 20th TV. And it has had a lot of support at the network. Fox entertainment president David Madden called it "truly inventive television."


I imagine the show's excellent finale episode — and the fact that the upcoming season will be lacking some of season two's more, er, problematic aspects — played a key role in Fox's decision. Hopefully Sleepy Hollow can end its sophomore slump and get back to delighting fans by giving us what we really want — Ichabod being incredibly bitchy about modern-day life.

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The more serial a show is the more I like it.

That is why the conspiracy X-Files were always better than the Monster-Of-The-Week X-Files and why the newer seasons of Person of Interest are better than the Number-Of-The-Week earlier shows.