Sleepy Hollow Just Got Some Very Bad News

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No, the show hasn't been canceled... yet. But that fate seems more more likely now that showrunner Mark Goffman is leaving the series to work on new projects at CBS.


Losing its showrunner doesn't necessarily mean the show will be canceled, but it could be that Goffman saw the writing on the wall for the ratings-beleaguered series. Which is a shame, because as lackluster as season 2 was, it was finally snapping back into place by the end. That finale — which proved the show still knew how to do the Ichabod-Abbie partnership that made us fall in love with it in the first season — makes me think it could shake off its sophomore slump if given a chance. Hopefully the executives at Fox feel the same... if they haven't already decided Sleepy Hollow's fate.

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I blame Hawley.