Illustration for article titled emSleepy Hollow/em hires John Noble full-time, because they are not stupid

Good news, Sleepy heads (Is that what Sleepy Hollow fans call each other? If they don't, shouldn't they?) The show has added John Noble as a full-time cast member for season two, along with Lyndie Greenwood, who plays Abby's sister Jenny.


I don't really know why Greenwood wasn't a full-time cast member for season one — she had way more screen time than Katia Winter, who plays Ichabod's wife Katrina, and was featured in the opening credits — so I'm happy to see her getting her due. But I'm super-excited for John Noble, partially because John Noble is awesome, but mainly because he was a major part of what made Sleepy Hollow's season one finale so mind-bendingly fantastic. I won't spoil it for you guys, but let me assure you that Noble's increased presence on the show is very good news. And if you aren't watching Sleepy Hollow, you're missing some damned entertaining TV.


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