Sleepy Hollow, a show so terrible it ran off one of its leads, has been renewed for a fourth season. After a bad second season and a worse third season, which ended with a finale that managed to treat its characters, its viewers, and even its very premise with utter contempt, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in.

If you stopped watching the show—wisely—you may not know that co-lead Abbie Mills died (dumbly), leaving Ichabod Crane to fight the boring forces of supernatural evil with Abbie’s boring FBI co-workers, and maybe some sort of giant, secret, supernatural-fighting society George Washington started that never bothered lending a hand in the show’s first three seasons. Also maybe Abbie is being reincarnated into someone other than actress Nicole Beharie, but that seems like it would be a baby and I don’t care enough to figure it out.

In related news, Agent Carter is still canceled, so fuck everything.

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