Sleepy Hollow Has Been Mercifully Decapitated

Ichabod goes to join the restless bones of his own TV show. Image: Fox
Ichabod goes to join the restless bones of his own TV show. Image: Fox

After a turgid attempt to retool itself after an awful third season that saw the loss of one of the show’s most important elements in the form of Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills, the desperate, confused mess that was Sleepy Hollow is no more. Fox has officially canceled the show after four seasons.


The cancellation will come as no surprise to long-time viewers, as even getting a fourth season of the show was a significant surprise after viewing figures plummeted during a very messy third season—which ended with the shock killing off of co-lead Beharie’s character in the season three finale, outraging fans even further.

With the loss of Beharie—and with her, the show’s beloved chemistry between Abbie and Tom Mison’s Ichabod—and even the show’s primary antagonist, season four attempted to rework itself by throwing a bunch of new characters into the mix, an uncertain new partner for Ichabod to work with, and bizarrely, by moving the show out of its titular location. Suffice to say, this clearly didn’t stymie the show’s ever-downward spiral.

Sleepy Hollow started out as one of the biggest surprises on TV when it kicked off in 2013, mainly thanks to the remarkable charm of Beharie and Mison whenever they were on screen together. Sadly, the show quickly broke down in its second season, and by the third, not even the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod could save the show from the convoluted mess it had turned into.

Farewell, Sleepy Hollow. We will remember you for what you once were, rather than what you became. [Deadline]

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I hate to correct you, but I’m pretty sure it was canceled after one season. Like Heroes.