Nikki Reed has been cast as legendary American flag seamstress and former Ichabod Crane love interest Betsy Ross for Sleepy Hollow’s third season, and even made her a regular—proving that Sleepy Hollow has almost certainly learned nothing from its troubled second season.

Genevieve Valentine, who recaps the series for us (while writing DC’s excellent Catwoman comic, among many other projects), laid out exactly why this is such a bummer in this 100% accurate Twitter rant:

I agree totally. Anything, or anyone, that takes focus away from the show’s core strength—the relationship between Abbie and Ichabod—is nothing but a detriment to the story. And after the crushing narrative burden that bringing Ichabod’s wife into the mix caused, I don’t know why they’d add another love interest character for him—nor do I have any reason to hope that Sleepy Hollow will handle Betsy better than Katrina.


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