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Against what some would consider incredible odds, Sleepy Hollow was renewed for a fourth season in May, and the show has been retooling the hell out of itself ever since. It will be re-set in Washington, D.C.; Ichabod will have a new partner and villain to contend with; and now there are three new supporting characters.


One new role is for a kid: Oona Yaffe (plucked from the kitchens of cooking competition MasterChef Junior), who’ll play Molly, the precocious 10-year-old daughter of Ichabod’s new partner, Diana, who also happens to be a single mom.

The other two are geeky grown-ups with intriguing, yet oddly familiar, D.C. job descriptions: Jerry MacKinnon (Empire) and Rachel Melvin (Awkward) as Jake Wells and Alex Norwood, respectively, who are co-workers in “a forgotten federal archive cataloguing reports of supernatural activity.” You don’t say. No word yet on which one has an “I Want to Believe” poster on his or her wall.


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