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Add this to the ever-growing list of reasons to go back to sleep: a new study led by UC Berkley psychologist Amie Gordon reveals that lack of sleep tends to make people less appreciative towards their significant others.


Via CBS News:

More than 60 couples between the ages of 18 to 56 were enrolled in two experiments for the study. In the first task, couples were asked to keep a journal about their sleep patterns and write how they thought the quality of their sleep affected how they felt about their significant other. The second task required couples to be video taped while they did problem-solving tasks.

Both experiments showed that people who had a bad night's sleep the day before were less appreciative towards their partner. The study did not prove that sleep had any affect on attitude, but just that the two events were associated with each other.


The perceived lack of appreciation could stem from any number of things, really. For instance, the sleep deprived often report that they "have sex less often or lose interest in having sex because they are too tired." Hard to appreciate your SO when you're too sleepy to even get it on.


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