Our mass transit future looked much cooler in the mid-20th century, with these slick bus designs. Just imagine taking to the roads in these retrofuturistic buses.

GM Futurliners from the 1940s, designed by Harley Earl for General Motors

These vehicles were used to display modern innovations of its time like microwave ovens and television sets, among other things. Used between 1940 and 1941 and from 1953 to 1956, only 12 were built.

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GM Streamliner (1936-1940)

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A Mercedes-Benz LO 3500 with a custom body, 1935

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The Golden Dolphin, by the Turin-based Viberti, 1956

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An Opel Blitz with a custom body (named Aero) by Ludewig, 1935

Three were built for propaganda purposes during the Olympic Games, but later the company built five more for the German tour operator ODI.

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A Mercedes bus concept from 1935

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An Eight-Wheeled Monster by Versare Corporation, 1925

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Western Flyer Ledbetter, 1941

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An Unknown, Zeppelin-like Bus, Brazil, late 1950s

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The Band Bus from the Movie Stolen Harmony, 1935

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Citroen U55 Cityrama Currus, based on a Citroen U55 truck chassis, late 1950s

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Bonus: Unique Bus of Future

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